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Updated: Nov 9, 2021


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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Discover 3 powerful ways augmented reality and QR codes are transforming exhibition stands. Allow AR to empower your business at your next exhibition.

Exhibitions provide businesses around the world with the opportunity to take centre-stage and promote their products and services. Traditionally planning and preparing for an upcoming exhibition would involve mapping out your square-foot exhibition stand, trying to figure out the dimensions you have to work with, and the best branding and marketing opportunities to seize. Then you might heavily invest in branded brochures, leaflets, and free-gifts in order to build trust, brand awareness and market your products and services during the event.

While this has been standard protocol for years, thanks to the rapid development of technology, our approach to exhibition planning is evolving. In fact, the whole experience of being at an international or local exhibition, as an exhibitor or a visitor is being transformed through the introduction of QR codes and augmented reality. So, let’s take a look at 3 powerful ways technology is helping to optimise exhibition stand planning, designing, and marketing.

1: QR Codes & Capturing Data

Business cards can easily be misplaced, stained with coffee, or left in the pocket of a jacket, never to be seen again. The future of international business, demands a digital-first approach to data sharing, and QR codes are the answer. By having QR codes visible on your exhibition stand, you can invite interested clients to scan the code in real-time in order to download a PDF, access a free e-book, enter a competition or experience augmented reality, in return for their contact information. This gives you valuable data that you can later use to support email marketing campaigns and re-connect with clients and prospects you met during the exhibition

2: Augmented Reality & Exhibition Stand Planning

Planning an exhibition stand can take up a serious amount of time and resources. Having to figure out exactly how big your exhibition space will be, whether it will include shelves to display products, a desk to take payments, and enough room to store your branded goods can be difficult. Now add marketing materials and branding into the equation and things can quickly get out of hand. Since exhibiting can be a big investment, you can now use augmented reality to actually step inside (virtually) your stand and explore every inch that you have to work with. Augmented reality will help minimise mistakes when it comes to planning, as well as make communication between your marketing and design team effortless.

3: Take Guests On A Virtual Tour

For many companies, an exhibition provides an invaluable opportunity to promote your products and services to a constant flow of potential customers. However, if you are unable to bring your products or services to the exhibition, this can make it challenging to attract customers. While brochures and branded catalogs are a practical solution, augmented reality creates instant virtual tours, bringing prospects directly into your showroom or factory floor, for instance. If we imagine a property development company, using augmented reality during an exhibition would empower them to take clients on a virtual tour of their current developments and future sites. When clients can envision the size, scale, and style of the development, as well as see a finished and furnished project, they are far more likely to invest, rather than if they were to flick through a brochure of images and information alone.

At Incendo Events, we help businesses and exhibitors unlock the power of QR codes and augmented reality to help them optimise their return on investment while at an exhibition. We help clients around the world launch branded and unique AR experiences that promote their products and services and help inform, educate and delight customers.

You can download our innovative augmented reality app here, or watch our video online.

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